PR Evaluation: Reality or Pipe Dream?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Steps to success

I believe that the first step to successful implementation of evaluation is the common understanding and acceptance of the terminology of evaluation. The terms: outputs, outtakes and outcomes should have the same meaning for everyone. Output is what PR has delivered, e.g. the number of press cuttings. Outtake is the degree to which an audience is aware of and has understood the message. Outcome is the change in people’s opinions, attitudes and behaviours.
Pr practitioners should also realize that they are dependent upon the credibility of the top management. PR should be perceived as effective and its efforts to be seen as contributing to the fulfillment of management goals. Tixier (1995) noted for PR: “To exist and survive, it is important to prove that it is both useful and beneficial”. For this reason more weight should be laid on the use of evaluating techniques. Setting specific and measurable objectives can be really helpful to the process. It must be underlined that practitioners should do evaluative research not only after the end of the campaign, but also during planning. This could give them an important advantage. The view about evaluation should change. Evaluation is meant to be continuous. Tactics and plans must be frequently measured, and according to the feedback reconsidered and changed.


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